Waki Code Of Conduct

This Employee Code of Conduct has been created to help employees understand WAKI core values: honesty, teamwork, efficiency, commitment- and the behaviors’ expected to support them. The code of conduct supports our continuing commitment to honest and ethical conduct and compliance with the prevailing laws, and our company’s policies and standards.


WAKI ensures that those who seek to do business with the Company have fair opportunities to compete for its business. We value open and fair competition and respect the rights of our clients, suppliers and competitors ensuring transparency in all our dealings.

WAKI carries out its activities in a socially responsible manner. This means that we comply with the laws and customs of the countries in which we operate, and that we uphold fundamental human rights.

WAKI operates a zero tolerance policy to bribery and corruption. We do not offer or accept bribes, including facilitation payments, to secure business or to gain any advantage for either the Company or for any individual. We actively refrain from any misleading or deceptive accounting or financial reporting practices.

Both during the period of and after the termination of the employment contract, the employee Is required to maintain confidentiality in respect of all information that is known to him or her concerning WAKI and its activities, insofar as this information is of a confidential nature or confidentiality is required on him or her in this regard.

Employees must protect personal and confidential information about its clients, co-workers. This information should be handled responsibly and only used for the purposes for which it is provided.

WAKI employees are to conduct their business with Integrity that earns us trust with our esteemed customers.



WAKI recruits, trains, promotes and rewards people based on their performance and capabilities, and respects all employees without regard to their position or level within the organization. Gender, race, ethnic origins, marital status, age, political or religious belief are not relevant to personal and team performance at work.

Employees are encouraged to create a workplace where everyone feels free to express their opinions and to raise questions and concerns in a safe and supportive environment, without fear of harassment, retribution by peers or managers.

WAKI does not tolerate harassment, bullying or discrimination, including behavior, comments, jokes, or other conduct that contributes to an intimidating or offensive work environment. WAKI is committed to maintaining a work environment that respects individual differences and expects its employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner and treat others with respect, fairness, and dignity.

Employees are encouraged to make a difference to its customers, co-workers, and society in all their dealings, As well as set high standards of personal performance and professional growth not only for company’ s benefit but also for their own.

Employees are to ensure a healthy working environment in each of their work spaces taking reasonable care to prevent injury and promote their own  health and that of their co-workers.

WAKI collaborates with customers, partners and each other to achieve success.



Employees must protect the company’s property, and use it for the purposes for which it is intended. Company property should not be used for personal benefit or for the benefit of persons other than WAKI employees. Employees have a duty to look after and respect all of WAKI assets such as: their area of operation, office equipment, office furniture, company vehicle, finances or supplies. Employees should protect WAKI assets from misuse, theft and waste.

WAKI employees should seek to promote and protect the business reputation, values and general interests of the Company. Displaying fairness, courtesy and respect in all dealings within the workplace and with clients and suppliers.

Conflict of Interest: A conflict of interest occurs when an employee’s private interests interfere in any way, or appear to interfere, with the interests of WAKI as a whole, and include actions that may prevent an employee from working objectively and effectively. i.e. Influencing business decisions for personal gain, obtaining or providing  favored treatment for yourself or others in the company. An employee should disclose such information to their supervisor if caught up in such a scenario.

WAKI is a drug-free workplace. While at work and attending business-related activities in any location employees are prohibited from using or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

Employees are to perform their job with strong work ethic by providing every customer with the best service resulting in efficiency.



WAKI expects its employees to give their customers the personal attention that they deserve, to listen carefully to the customer, to render innovative solutions and to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Employees are to provide timely and accurate information to client requests and inquiries unless this is not possible for reasons of confidentiality.

Employees are to handle client information relevant to the business with care and integrity.

Employees are to attend to their clients’ needs in a timely manner and in the best way possible.


All matters that involve an infringement of the code of conduct must be reported to the management and if breached employees may face disciplinary action. If the matter involves a breach of law or other regulation, the matter may also be referred to an appropriate law enforcement authority.